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The Working Group
The multidisciplinary nature of the project requires close cooperation between language experts (terminologists) and Health and Safety at Work specialists, in order to ensure both the linguistic and conceptual accuracy of the information provided in the knowledge base.

As far as terminology is concerned, data were elaborated by Carla Agrario and Sara Castagnoli, former students at SSLMIT, following the well-established terminological tradition of the faculty Terminology Lab. The project was started in the framework of their four-year degree dissertations, building on a first proposal for a termbase in the HSW domain by Cristina Valentini (SSLMIT, 2001), and was supervised by some teachers at SSLMIT (Franco Bertaccini, Marcello Soffritti, Marco Baroni, Silvia Bernardini).

The contents of the termbase were then examined and validated by several members of a Technical and Scientific Committee which was set up in order to ensure the accuracy and the authoritativeness of the information provided in the website.

The website and the data management system were realised by Lorenzo Piccioni and Eros Zanchetta (SSLMIT).