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First aid equipment
Domain: Health and safety at work => Protective measures
Grammatical category
Noun phrase
Grammar notes
Equipment provided to help deal with the initial management of any injury or illness suffered at work.

Minimum provision The minimum level of first aid equipment is a suitably stocked first aid box. There may be a need for 1) additional materials and equipment such as scissors, adhesive tape, disposable aprons and individually wrapped moist wipes. They may be put in the first aid container if there is room or stored separately; 2) items such as protective equipment where first aiders may have to enter dangerous atmospheres. This should be securely stored near the first aid box, in the first aid room or the hazard area, as appropriate. Access to the equipment should be restricted to those trained in its use.
If mains tap water is not readily available for eye irrigation, at least one litre of sterile water or sterile normal saline (0.9%) in sealed, disposable containers should be provided.
Definition source
Jones 2003 adapted from First Aid at Work: The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, L74, 1997, HSE Books; HSE's First aid at work: your questions answered, INDG214, 2002, HSE books; and the HSE website: http://www.hse.gov.uk/firstaid/faqs.htm.
European legislation
Directive 89/391/EEC
British legislation
First Aid at Work the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981
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UNI 7546-10: 1994 "Segni grafici per segnali di sicurezza. Barella "