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Our Partners
Technical and Scientific Committee and other Partners
The Technical and Scientific Committee responsible for providing specialised legal advice to the terminologists includes UNI Milano, SPP-CNR Bologna, ITTIG-CNR Firenze, Biblioteca del CNR Roma, CRE-ASL Firenze, SNOP.

Technical and legal advice was also provided by representatives of the following Italian Institutions and Associations:

  • AIAS, Milan (Giancarlo Bianchi and Patrizia Serranti)
  • National Research Centre Library, Rome, (Brunella Sebastiani)
  • CCR-Ispra, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (Mino Tincani)
  • ITTIG, National Research Centre, Florence (Daniela Tiscornia, Costanza Badii)
  • SPP, CNR Bologna (Patrizia Serranti)
  • UNI, Milan (Elio Bianchi)

The terminological records concerning the other legal systems under examination were revised and validated by members of some of the most important national associations in the countries involved:

  • IOSH, UK (Richard Jones, Sarah Hamilton, Laurence Dufur)
  • INRS, FR (Nathalie Guillemy, Christine Boust, Henri Lupin, Michel Jacques)
  • Convergence SM Consulting, DE (Anne Rose Bachmann)

The project was carried out with the technical and organisational support of AIAS (Associazione Italiana Addetti alla Sicurezza), and it was sponsored by ENSHPO (European Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organisations).