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The Project
The Knowledge Base
The project aims at providing a contribution to the correct management of Health and Safety at Work (HSW) terminology, which is complicated by the existence of different legal systems and by the constant evolution of both national and European legislations.

Going beyond the idea of a traditional terminological database, the project aims at providing a knowledge base, i.e. a tool to organise and to convey specialised knowledge which exploits the potential of three different and independent components:
  • a quadrilingual terminological database (IT/EN/FR/DE);
  • a library of sources, i.e. a collection of legal texts on HSW for the different systems involved;
  • a collection of concept diagrams, i.e. graphic representations of the domain structure which can help the users get a clearer view of the relations existing between concepts.

The interaction of the three components allows for the knowledge base to be consulted in different ways, such satisfying the needs of a wide range of users.