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Asbestos Management Plan
Domain: Health and safety at work => Documents/certification => Asbestos
Grammatical category
Noun phrase
Grammar notes
Site-specific, written plan for the maintenance of asbestos-containing material (ACM) in a condition that prevents the release of asbestos fibres.
It details and records the actions to be undertaken to manage and reduce the risks from asbestos. The broad requirements on employers are to:
1) take reasonable steps to determine the location of materials likely to contain asbestos;
2) presume materials to contain asbestos, unless there are good reasons not to do so;
3) make and maintain a written record of the location of the asbestos and presumed asbestos materials;
4) monitor the condition of asbestos and presumed asbestos materials;
5) assess the risk of exposure from the asbestos and presumed asbestos materials and document the actions necessary to manage the risk; and
6) take steps to see that the actions above are carried out.
The management plan may include some or all of the following options: clean up debris; repair; encapsulate (paint or seal); enclose; remove; maintain and update log of ACMs; monitor condition (applies to all presumed or identified ACMs); restrict access/isolate; label or colour code; inform; train; define and use safe systems of work; operate a permit-to-work system.
Definition source
HSE leaflet "Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances"
European legislation
Directives 83/477/EEC, 2003/18/EC
British legislation
Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002
AMP, Plan