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Working time
Domain: Health and safety at work => Work organisation
Grammatical category
Noun phrase
Grammar notes
Any period during which a worker is working, at his employer's disposal and carrying out his activity or duties, or during which he is receiving relevant training, as well as any additional period which is to be treated as working time under a relevant agreement.

A worker's working time, including overtime, in any reference period which is applicable in his case, shall not exceed an average of 48 hours for each seven days.
An employer shall take all reasonable steps, in keeping with the need to protect the health and safety of workers, to ensure that the limit specified is complied with in the case of each worker employed by him in relation to whom it applies.
The limit specified shall not apply in relation to a worker who has agreed with his employer in writing that it should not apply in his case, provided that the employer complies with the above requirements.
Definition source
Reg. 2, 4, 5 of The Working Time Regulations 1998
European legislation
Directives 93/104/EC, 2000/34/EC
British legislation
The Working Time Regulations 1998
Working hours